Baby care tips month by month (1-12)

First 12 month of a baby is sensitive and therefore you need to take special care at first twelve months. There are several ways to take care of your baby at that first twelve months. If you are expecting a baby, it is good to read this article now.

First month of the baby is most sensitive above all. This time you need to see how well your baby is sleeping and what it is likes to feed. This is time a baby passes numbers of development milestones. Keep a keen eye over the growth of the baby find whether it tries to play properly or not. At the second month, the try to play with something should develop a bit. This time your baby will try to interact with the surrounding with its eyes. This part is important as because this is the first month you have something to assess the consistency of your baby’s development.

At the third month of a baby, mom’s health becomes as important as babies once again. It is the high time to check mom and baby relationships. Mom’s health need is important to ensure. Your baby is not yet grown to ensure self –care. So try to keep your sharp eyes over baby’s sleeping and feeding. At the fourth month babies usually sleep more at night and less at day time. This is the main difference between first 3 months and fourth. If you find that this schedule is working fine, don’t become confused.

Many patients try to feed solid things at fifth month what they should not try. If a baby doesn’t like breastfeeding, the scenario is different. But still fifth month is not proper for consuming solid foods. Try to remain beware of it. This statement is the same for sixth month. But after six month you can thing a bit otherwise. It is good to visit the doctor after six month to have a discussion even if you find your baby is growing fine and steady. So make an appointment with a pediatrics and visit. It is not a routine work, but after six month, visiting a doctor is good.

As it has been said, that after sixth month a baby can take supplemental foods other that milk. But don’t try everything. Keep your keen eyes over season change. If it is winter try to check your babies clothing. It is important to ensure that everything is well tuned and your baby it not suffering from coldness. Pass the seventh and eighth month of your baby in that passion. The simple difference of these two months is additional supplemental food trying. Keep you within limit while feeding.

At the ninth month most of the babies change their sleep cycle. So don’t before confuse about it. Your baby will interact well with your baby at this period. At the tenth month your baby will move a bit more. Try to provide your baby a bit more space than before, and more obviously ensure safety. This is the time when a parent needs to become more protective.

Eleventh and twelve month is good to follow up the continuity of the babies. After the twelve month, it is suggested to revisit your doctor once more. Try to prepare your to celebrate the first birthday, so your baby can see a lot of people in front. In that way, his behavioral stage will be sharpened. Don’t compromise with the food and sleep habitat. Ensure proper clothing and remain aware of season change once more. Following these twelve months enduring tips can be a great way to raise your baby in a scientific way.

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