Children aged 0-12 months should prepare what belongings!

Early days are crucial for all babies. Parents need to play anchor role in this period. Precisely the time between babies becomes 12 months old. There are several belonging that a parent should ensure while a baby is in between that age range. In this article I’m going to share few things like that.


First of all a parent need to ensure proper clothing for the babies! Depending on the season clothing will vary. Clothing for summer should be different for clothing for winter. Winter seasons require additional care for the babies and this time warm clothes is required.

Baby bath tub

Another important thing for the babies is the ‘baby bath tub’. This is important to clean your baby easily in every single day. Specially made baby bath tub using is always recommended to use over typical cleaning tubs. You can carry those ‘baby bath tub’ easily too. Minimum weight of those tubs enables the user to carry tubs easily.

Need milk warmer

A baby need milk warmer. This is the only way be how a parent can keep the milks warm always. There are some babies those rarely want to take mothers breast. In those cases a month remains no alternative without feeding her baby external milks. This is how you can enlarge the importance of having milk warmer. Buying that milk warmer is not tough; you can get that from many places. There are different features available of those warmers. You can set your desired temperature level in those warmers. Try to get the best warmer from the market that can ensure longevity and effecting warming.

For a baby aged within 12 months, no such additional food is required if it can take mothers milk. But for the busy working moms sometimes it becomes difficult to stay with the baby all the time and to feed milk. This is why milk feeding bottle is becoming an important tool. It can keep the milk to store from the breast and can supply the storage to the baby in same mechanical process of breast-feeding, when the mom is not closer to the baby.

Bean bags

Another important thing for the babies is bean bags. You can get bean bags from different brands. Those bags are made of been inside with an external cover. A good bean brand can offer you good quality bags that you can use for your baby when feeding milk, or even in tummy time. Those bean bags has belt from where you can tie you baby when you are working. A baby can sleep; make fun and a lot of other things while using having a bean bag. So don’t forget to get it when you have a baby of 0-12 month’s age.


Diapers are important and I presume all parents know about it. Diapers can help you in tummy time of your baby. Good comfortable properly cushioned diaper can make ensure utmost comfort for the babies. Especially when you are traveling somewhere, you can hardly get an alternative of diapers. While using diapers don’t forget to change it after few hours of usage. Don’t keep a diaper wrapping your baby hours after hours. A good standard time of using a diaper is around four hours. Though if your baby feels discomfort and shows that sign, don’t keep the baby with the same diaper.

So you can see there are basically numbers of things that a parent should keep while raising a baby. A new parent should always remain careful about these issues to ensure his/her baby is well safe from varieties of diseases. You must confess, no parent want to make the habit of visiting pediatrics so often.


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