Dream On Me Reversible Portable Crib Set, Travel Time Review

Ensuring a comfortable and secure place for one’s baby to sleep in is a necessity that one has to take care of for the little one(s) at their home. As the parents are busy with taking care of the house, working on their jobs or doing their everyday chores, the babies need a secure place for them to stay and sleep in. The Dream On Me reversible crib set is a very elegant, wooden crib set that gives an incredible look as well as ensures the comfort and safety of the baby.

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The Best Features of the Dream On Me Crib Set at a Glance

Great Addition to a Room

The wooden, old-school look of the crib set is a remarkable and aesthetically appealing addition to one’s home as the light-colored wooden texture brightens up the feeling of any room. Additionally, the backdrop featured in the set is simply adorable with a red motorcycle, a blue car and a white truck on a blue and green background.


Although the crib can’t be folded up as luggage and carried around with maximum portability, it comes pretty handy if one is traveling in a car since the size of the reversible crib allows moving it around with no problem. As a standard mini crib, the Dream On Me crib set measures 38″ by 24″, which allows it to be lightweight and fit any standard portable-sized mattress, although the recommended mattress is the Dream On Me portable mattress.Hence, all one has to do to move the crib to and from places is to place it conveniently in one’s car with or without the mattress and comforter, with a few adjustments.

Safety Guaranteed

The mattress that comes with the set and its bumper are both designed and tested according to the standard tests to ensure the material is not irritating for the baby’s skin and there is no chance of allergies due to the material.

Soft and Comfortable

Made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester fabric, the comforter is incredibly soft, smooth, and comfortable for the child and allows the baby to sleep with no issues. The bumper is made of 100% polyester and ensures a soft feel to it. Many parents are bothered by how children are constantly crying and it’s essential that the little ones are provided an environment they can be happy in. Here, the Dream On Me crib is the recommended answer for the babies’ and, in turn, the parents’ happiness.


The bumper and comforter are washable easily on a gentle cycle with cold water. Babies tend to make a mess, and it’s necessary that the environment they are in is clean for their health and well-being. One measure to take when washing the pieces of the crib is using non-chlorine bleach, which is recommended over chlorine bleaches.

What the Product Lacks When Compared to Other Products?

Being a portable mini crib, this product ensures that you can move it around with no problem, but its portability is limited. Unlike foldable, fabric-based cribs, this wooden crib can’t be carried around as luggage or as a backpack as some other cribs allow (Lotus Travel Crib or BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light). Moreover, the crib doesn’t have wheels like other mini cribs, which limit its portability further; one has to pick up the crib and move it around instead of dragging it smoothly. That said, this is a quality product that is well-suited for its use and is very sturdy due to its wooden material and the light weight of the crib makes it easy to carry around.


Finding a reliable crib for your child with an excellent look, sturdy design, the promise of safety and even the guarantee of portability is a difficult task. The Dream On Me crib is an exceptional product that ensures the security and comfort of your child and is recommended for anyone who travels to and from places in their car.

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