How to discipline 12 month old baby

At the twelve months a baby turn into a toddler from a baby. This is the time when the parents celebrate its first birthday. So from numbers of reasons we can signify this twelfth month as special. It is very important to keep a 12 month baby within the barrier of discipline. This is how you can do it.


At the 12th month you can start giving full cream milk to your baby. But to start doing that, never forget to discuss with your doctor. Cow’s milk is always better to start with as it has all the nutrients that someone can look for. This is good for toddlers’ teeth.

Expect your toddler to still need 2 day time sleeps until after 14 months. You’ll look forward to these rest breaks and need them as much as they do. This can be a physically tiring time for parents, so be prepared. Your vigilance will be important in monitoring just where your toddler has gotten to.


Until your toddler is 14 months old, it will sleep at least twice a day. Take a keen look how much time it takes at interval of sleeping. Night sleep will still remain long than day sleeps. Try to keep the sleeping place dry all the time. You might need to change the baby bean bag cover at this period.


A 12 month toddler shows numbers of changes in its behavior. Before being 12 month old, usually babies interact very little with their surroundings. But at 12th months of age, they increase the interaction level a lot. They loves to play at this age, they want others to play with them. So when you get a bit time waived from your busy life, don’t forget to play with your kid.


Development of a toddler covers a wide area. Physical development is not only the important thing rather you need to check the physiological development too. It is time to measure whether your kid smile when you want him/her to see smiling, whether it eats when you want to feed, whether it rejects when you enforce something etc. There are many manual guides you can get to know about the development stage of a 12 month old baby. I guess that can help you a lot to better understand this segment.


Sometimes the growth of your kid might make your tire, so try to be prepare for that. Always remain vigilant. Don’t forget to monitor your baby any times unless he/she is sleeping. Because this is the time when toddlers try to move a bit and want to get answers of lot of things. As a parent you need to check whether your kid is growing well or not. It is better to measure body dimension of your kid and to take advice from the doctor accordingly.


Interaction is the key to understand a baby is growing in proper way. Some babies can make good eye contact, and that is not a good sign. Some baby doesn’t want to walk even if they are dragged to do so; that is also an example of negative interaction. A parent should remain aware of these issues. Don’t think that finding one abnormalities is enough to proof your kid as ‘special’, rather give your toddler enough time to interact and try utmost from your side.

Parents can play anchor role at the period of 12th month of a toddler. So if you are a parent, try to act in your part properly and keep faith on you kid.

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