Heavenly Soft Minky Dot Chenille Portable Crib Bedding Set Review

Taking care of a baby in the house can be difficult while one is busy with chores or even with one's work. The baby's safety, especially, is something that one needs to watch over, but it inevitably becomes hard, considering all the factors one has to keep an eye on in everyday life. Additionally, the comfort of the little one is crucial, which makes the process of choosing the right crib for the baby a tough task.The portable and incredibly comfortable bedding set made by the American Baby Company is a choice that ensures both the safety and happiness of the baby. This is a very reliable, imported product that you can use in your home.

The Best Features of the Minky Dot 3-Piece Crib at a Glance

Heavenly Soft

The one thing that makes this wonderful crib stand out when compared to other, similar bedding sets is the extremely smooth and expertly engineered material that the crib is made of. The shells and the inner compositions of the bumper for both the front and back of the crib are made of 100% polyester, which makes the crib elegantly smooth and remarkably comfortable for the baby. This ensures comfort for the baby as well as their safety as the material is completely sturdy and its smooth and comfortable texture are designed expertly without overlooking the security of the baby.


This product also ensures the option of portability across one floor of the house. The lightweight material of the bedding also means that it can be moved to another floor if need be. The lockable wheels on the feet of the crib allow you to drag it smoothly across the floor, which allows you to spend as much time as you want with the baby while also keeping a watch. The soft and comfortable material and the smooth wheels ensure that moving the crib around with the baby inside is completely safe and playful for the baby but, of course, that is to be done with caution under any circumstance.

Elegant Design

Coming in a brilliant shade of pink with white, the Minky Dot three-piece crib looks incredibly aesthetic to one’s eyes and would be a great addition to any home. Although the bedding set comes with a reversible comforter, it can fit any standard porta crib mattress to ensure maximum comfort for the child. Moreover, the jersey sheet is made of 100% cotton and is machine washable with ease to ensure that any mess that the child will inevitably make is taken care of with no problem to ensure a clean, healthy environment.

Safety Guaranteed

The housing, the mattress, and the comforters that the crib is comprised of are designed and tested to be completely safe and non-allergic to babies. However, since the mattress for the crib is bought separately, the standard mattresses that can fit in the product should also be certified, and you should make sure of the quality.

What the Product Lacks When Compared to Other Products

Although the crib is relatively portable, it will be confined to the home and would only benefit as a bedding set for the child. That is not a drawback for its intended use, of course, but if one often travels and needs a foldable crib that ensures maximum portability, there are a few travel cribs (Lotus Travel Crib or BABYBJORN Travel Crib) that would be more suited for that role.


If you desire a sturdy bedding set for your child that is reliable for its comfort and security, the Minky Dot, three-piece set manufactured by the American Baby Company is a soft and smooth crib that guarantees the security of the baby. This product is manufactured in the USA with its material engineered for the sensitive skin of babies, keeping in mind the risk of allergies or health hazards.The portable bedding set is highly recommended if one desires a suitable setting for their baby that is heavenly soft and secure.


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