Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard Review

A parent or guardian usually has to move around all the time e.g. to go to dinners at friends' places, to visit family across town, and maybe even go out of the city or country. Wherever one goes, the security of one's babies and the time that one gets to spend with them is very precious. In these cases, it's crucial to have a portable crib like the Lotus Travel Crib so that you can carry around a home for your child no matter where you go.It is made by the Guava Family, which is the only company globally that makes cribs with backpack portability, making it an incredibly unique and innovative company that can be relied on.

The Best Features of the Lotus Travel Crib at a Glance

Backpack Portability

Lotus Travel Crib & Portable Baby Playard Reviews

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The best feature of the Lotus Travel Crib is, by far, its portability. For any person that has to travel too much, carrying around luggage for and looking after your baby can be tough. Here, the travel crib comes in as a handy companion as you can just fold the crib and take it along with you like a backpack, and that too a very light backpack that only weighs 13lbs! One can carry it anywhere, and it must also be noted that the crib can be set up in only an average 15 seconds, which means that one can get used to the quick setup with no issues faced and take almost no time in getting the crib ready for their baby. The Lotus Travel Crib is also called the Lotus Everywhere Crib due to its exceptional backpack portability and quick setup.

Handy Side Door

Lotus Travel Crib & Portable Baby Playard side door

Adding to the design is the easily zippable side door of the product, which makes it easy for you to either keep the baby inside or allow them to go in and out freely if the environment is safe for them. The additional opening of the crib at its top ensures that the parents can pick up the child with ease.

Other Features

Safety Guaranteed

Lotus Travel Crib & Portable Baby Playard Safety

For any parent or guardian, the main priority is always the safety of their child. In such a case, it is crucial that one is assured of this when they are buying a baby product. The Lotus Everywhere Crib is GREENGUARD Gold certified, which means that the product has been designed and tested to guarantee the safety of both the baby in the crib and the people surrounding it. First of all, the Clear View Mesh design makes the crib visible from the outside at all times, which makes for a secure surrounding for the baby and allows the adults to keep a watch on them at all times. It should also be mentioned that the mesh provides a smooth flow of air through it so that the child can breathe and rest in it without a problem. More features of the expertly engineered crib are the materials used in it; the crib has no PVC, phthalates, lead or heavy metals that can be poisonous for the child. Due to all these security features that the Lotus Travel Crib offers, it is the only GREENGUARD Gold certified crib in the world.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Lotus Travel Crib & Portable Baby Playard Reviews beauty

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Another feature of the exceptional product again concerns the exceptional usage of materials and the brilliant design of the crib. The net around the crib and the mattress are both incredibly soft-textured and comfortable for the baby. Additionally, the crib comes in a gray/white look that is modern and aesthetically pleasing while assuring the crib to be unisex.

What the Product Lacks When Compared to Other Products

Like many other travel crib reviews, this is not a replacement for a bedding set. Bedding sets ensure maximum security and sturdiness as well as an incredibly soft mattress that the baby can sleep on. Hence, travel cribs are more intended for use during the day and cannot replace a bedding set permanently.Users have also stated that setting up the product takes great effort to get used to as compared to other products.


With backpack portability, sturdy structure, and removable and washable fabric that is certified to be safe, this product is highly recommended for people who want to spend time with their babies while traveling.


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